Photo Booth Operation

        So you've picked up an understanding of the equipment. Now what? That question is the focus of this module. Once you've got the system together, you will have to know the software used to run it. Clients can also throw you for a loop with their requests, so we'll also cover how to manage clients through the booth.



  • Starting up and software preparations
  • Uploading the print
  • Check through the settings
  • Test Phase

        Take a stroll through the software and get to know the digital area that turns a standard booth into a Spark Photo Booth! You'll need to be in tune with what the client has purchased so that you are running the right programs and functions for the event. You'll also be interacting with the software at every event you attend as a Photo Booth Attendant, so learning how to use it is extremely important. During your hands on training, make sure you feel comfortable using the software, and if you don't, talk to your service lead about getting additional training. Pay close attention, and take some notes!

Managing Requests

Talking Points:

  • One picture in the print
  • Online delivery
  • Deleting photos
  • Printing old pictures
  • Text-to-phone
  • Deliveries at the booth

"I want a print that we took 15 minutes ago."

        This one is easy! Minimize the program and navigate to My Computer. Look for the flash drive and then navigate to the event. You'll want to look for the folder labeled Customized. Go ahead and increase the viewing size of each photo so that you can see the images. When you find the image, click on it to pull up the picture viewer. You can print from this view, and that's exactly what you'll want to do! Hit that Print button and receive your print!

"I haven't received a text of my print yet."

        This doesn't mean the text won't send. Whether or not they get the print depends on the signal strength of the WiFi Hotspot. A print typically takes between 10 seconds to 2 minutes to send if there is good reception; if the computer is connected to the hotspot; and if Social Booth is connected to Spark's Twilio account (meaning all required fields are filled out). If reception is bad, the texts will just send next time the computer connects to WiFi. You'll see a notification on the Social Booth Queue tab. You'll definitely want to notate this on the Post Event Form so that the guests aren't waiting on the photos for a long time. The equipment management team will handle the unsent text messages. The only other reason that it might not have sent is because the number was input incorrectly. The SMS also requires an area code.

"Can I text it to my phone and have a print?"

        Of course! 

"I want just this one picture out of the photo booth print."

        Although the single pictures do save to the flash drive, you do not want to print them. Can you imagine how many pictures like that you will be printing if you accepted all of those types of requestsespecially for the print layouts with 4 pictures. Now couple that with a large group wanting multiple copies of single prints. For those reasons, we stick to a digital release of all the images including those single pictures. You can tell guests that you aren't capable of printing those out due to the print layout design that the client has chosen, but there will be a digital release of all the photos!

"Will these photos be uploaded online?"

        They sure will, but they will not be publicly posted. The digital photos will be uploaded online and sent to the client via a private link. The client will then have the power to do what they wish with the photos. If they have taken an inappropriate photo, they'll have to contact the client if they don't want that going anywhere.

"Can you delete that photo?"

        Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to delete anything because all content created at the booth belongs to the client, and they may want something that the guest wants to delete. If a guest really wants something deleted, they need to speak with the client.

Handling Event Flow

Talking Points:

        Handling the flow of guests through the booth will be key between an event going smoothly or roughly. Here's a generic procedure for a guest's experience:

  1. Try and have a clear entrance and exit. Keep your printer on the exit side and coax people through the entrance.
  2. A guest approaches the booth. Welcome them to the booth (open and close the rope for the group if you're doing Red Carpet Royalty) and encourage them to take their pick of props. Tell them they can switch out props between photos if they can't decide. They'll have about 5 seconds between photos to do so.
  3. If applicable, have them choose a Green Screen background.
  4. When all decisions are made, have them move to the center of the booth.
  5. Tell them how many photos they will be taking, that there are 5 seconds between each shot, and show them where to look at the camera. If they don't hold a pose long enough for the photo, tell them to wait for the flash.
  6. When the photo session finishes, ask them who wants a print and, if applicable, who want's the photo sent to their phone. If there is a Scrapbook, save one of the prints for them to sign while they're waiting for the prints.
  7. If there is a Social Sharing Kiosk, explain that they can edit and upload their print at the kiosk (that way they're not holding up the line). 
  8. Be sure they return the props before leaving the booth.
  9. Bring in and facilitate the next group. You can bring in the next group if the previous group has released all of their props but is still signing the scrapbook or editing on the Social Sharing Kiosk.


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