Brides Over the Decades

Ever wonder how weddings change through the years? Take a look at these different brides from all walks of life and what they enjoyed most, wish they did, and advice from their wedding day!

The Brides

Kramer: 25 years old, married 4 months

Jess: 38 years old, married for 10 years.

Sharon: “Old Enough”, married for 25 years.

What do you remember most from your wedding day?

 Kramer, newlywed: “What I remember most is just the feeling of absolute bliss knowing that God was with me, I was about to marry my best friend, and being surrounded by all the people I loved the most. I also remember a ton of my surroundings and what was going on. Little details because I tried to pause off and on during that day and just take it all in.”
Jess, 10 years: “I remember my husband tearing up when he first saw me in my dress it was so sweet!  Definitely our personally written vow to each other, there was not a dry eye in the place!!”
Sharon, 25 years: “My handsome husband.”

The details may fade over time from your wedding day, but one thing seems to stand true. Whether it’s been a few months or a few years the most important part of that day is always the two of you.

What was something you were super worried about on your wedding day that didn’t matter in the long run?

 Kramer: “Something I was worried about but didn't really care in the long run was how it would look when everyone (parents and the bridal party) walked into the ceremony & reception...would the walk in songs be long enough? Would there be any awkward silence?? I didn't see either one of these things happen so I didn't even care on that day.”
Jess: “I honestly wasn't really worried about anything other than being the center of attention (not generally really big on that) but after the ceremony was over and everyone was just enjoying himself or herself. I totally relaxed and enjoyed myself!”
Sharon: “I worried if everyone would have fun at the reception because it was at our house.”

No matter how many times you tell a bride not to worry, she will worry. What she worries about will always be different, but a bride’s day is one she will always want to be perfect. The main thing to know is that it will be OKAY if things don’t go according to plan. Relax and enjoy your special day.

 What is something you wish you would have done on your wedding day?

Kramer: “It sounds so funny but I wish I had eaten more on my wedding day!! EAT WHEN YOU CAN! I hardly ate anything and didn't get to eat at the reception and felt so sick and weak the next morning because of it!”
Jess: “I can't think of anything that I'd wish I had done. I got to spend much of the day with my best girl friends getting treated like a princess. I also got to put on a gorgeous dress and marry my best friend and didn't have to worry about the clean up after!”
Sharon: “I wish I had had my sister as maid of honor because the person who was my maid of honor I'm not close with any more.” 

There always seems to be one thing someone regrets or wishes they had changed on their big day no matter how perfect it might have been. Even if your day isn’t exactly what you imagined it would be, just remember to be like Jess and enjoy yourself!

Is there anything before your wedding that you did that you would recommend for brides to do?

 Kramer: “My groom and I did the thing where you stand with a wall or door in between you (so he can't see you) before the wedding and I highly recommend it!! It was just such a peaceful moment to hear his voice and talk a little bit just us. I'll remember that forever!”
Jess: “The day before the wedding I went to a salon and had a facial, massage, and my nails and toes done. It was super relaxing and pampering and a great thing to do before the big day!  If you can, I would highly recommend doing that!!”
Sharon: “I never done this but would recommend having a wedding coordinator. If there are problems the coordinator can be the go to person.”

Man, have times changed. Trends have changed throughout the years, but one thing still seems to be a common denominator, RELAX and enjoy your day to its fullest potential. Take some extra time for you or like Sharon suggested have someone else do all the planning.

Are there any current trends you think are necessary or do away with?

 Kramer: “Everyone has his or her opinions but the trend is to do a first look and I'm so glad we didn't. It was the best moment to finally see him when I headed down the aisle!  Instead I did a first look with me dad and big brother. SO FUN!”
Jess: “I think you should do whatever you'd like for your wedding day.  Everyone is different and enjoys different things.  So have whatever theme, type of wedding (indoor, outdoor, barn, beach) you want to have.  As long as the main focus is on you and your husband uniting together in marriage, who cares what the event itself looks like.  It's a day to celebrate you and your husband, just have fun doing it!!” 
Sharon: “Don't compare your wedding to all of Pinterest. Be original instead of coping someone else's wedding!!”

Current wedding trends have been all the rage on Pinterest and Kramer has a great twist on them. No matter where you are in your life or how long you’ve been married, this day will always be memorable!



The Non-Conventional Corporate Meeting

The annual corporate event: the event most corporations do to help improve team building, reduce stress, and bring the company together. Most of these events take place in convention centers across the United States, but there can be more interactive and exciting ways for coworkers to connect. So, what makes an event non-conventional? Non-conventional corporate events mix professionalism with creativity. This technique energizes the event by providing new and exciting ways for people to engage and interact.


1.    Location

Location can be a unique way to tie in the overall experience for the guests. Picking non-conventional locations can add to the excitement of the event and be a major WOW factor for those attending. Here are a couple examples of a non-conventional location:

Wineries and Breweries: Picking local vendors can not only be a unique educational experience for guests attending the event but shows support to the local community and businesses in the area. This location can be a unique way to express interest in the community while maintaining a unique and fun experience for the company members. This will provide educational experiences, exceptional outings, and enticing venue options.

Shout out to mothersbrewing on Instagram for the great pic.

Mother’s Brewery: Housed in Springfield, MO, Mother’s Brewery is a local brewing company that is passionate about craftsmanship. Mother’s specializes in hand crafted beers and would be a perfect location to house your next corporate event.

Unique Buildings: Having your event in a not-so-typical location can also be an exciting way to incorporate a theme (like a costume party) to your event. Unique buildings can not only add to the fun and exploration of a new area but can tie an entire event together from theme to end.

pythian castle.jpg

Pythian Castle: Located in Springfield, MO. Pythian Castle offers a variety of events that can bring the pizzazz to any party. Pythian Castle offers murder mystery events along with historic and ghost tours to appeal to a variety of crowds.

2.  Food

What better way to impress your guest than providing unique and delicious food for them to enjoy? Add flair by incorporating signature items, unique experiences, and memorable factors to any event.

Signature drinks: An impressive way to tie the event together. Adding a personal touch is always a highlight for most guests or members. This is a unique way to incorporate a company’s colors, sayings, inside jokes, or theme into an event. Making it an exciting feature on the menu.

 Hors d’ouerves: Nothing screams event more than food. A notable way to keep people conversing and mobile is by having hors d’ouerves as the chosen food option. Hors d’ouerves are portable and easy to eat food options, usually able to eat in one or two bites—kind of like an appetizer. This not only allows the guest to move around and network with more individuals but allows the guest to experience a variety of food options in one setting. A great way to spice up these little side dishes is by incorporating them with the theme of the event.

3.    Flair

This is a great way to leave your guest with an experience of a lifetime. Adding personal touches to any event makes things memorable and meaningful to the guest. This can also be a great conversational piece to help break the ice for even the shyest of guest.

 Make sure to check out the services we provide under our services tab!

Event Services: Having a personal DJ relieves the pressure of provided quality music. Event services not only just supply musical needs but can provide photography and cinematography to document the event and create memories for ages to come. A unique feature would be providing a photo booth for guest to enjoy memories with coworkers for years to come.

Unique Favors: What better way to end a great night than with a take home piece of the party. A caricaturist can add a conversational piece to the table. This would allow members of the company to laugh together and have a memorable experience to joke about later!

Cigar rolling is another unique idea for the non-conventional corporate event. This would be a great way to tie into the theme of the event or just a little keep sake for members to take home. This would also be a great conversation piece and attraction for guests of the event.

Non-conventional corporate gatherings are all about experience! These events are meant to be exciting, spontaneous, and lively for all guests. Featuring an out of the box way to get connected.


Be the Star of Your Own Broadway Production!

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life. This day is your one chance to be the star of your own Broadway show! So why not capture every moment on your day of fame? Wedding cinematography is becoming a popular way of capturing the most important moments on your special day so that you can later go back and reminisce on your beautiful day full of love. How do you create a Tony Award winning wedding video you ask? Let us layout the script for you.

Act 1, Scene 1

The bride and groom are getting ready, taking their time to perfect each little detail from head to toe. The bride shares moments with her bridesmaids and the groom shares moments with his groomsmen.

Scene 2

There is an overview of the wedding location, capturing what might be beautiful architecture or even the scenery of the ceremony’s location. The details are shown with grace as we slowly transition our view of the stage.

Scene 3

The spotlight transitions its attention to the bride and her family as they see her in all white for the first time. As they share their moment together, the lights dim.

End of Scene 1

Act 2, Scene 1

The stage is set as the doors open to the ceremony venue with the spotlight set perfectly to capture the star of the show. The bride makes her way down the aisle, stunning, and glowing with happiness she meets the groom. The guests exchange soft smiles, a reflection of the beautiful moment. The “I do’s” are exchanged and the music builds to the perfect moment. The couple comes together and shares a soft kiss.

End of Act 2

Act 3, Scene 1

The music continues as the stage is set for the newest setting. Time of day, detail, and scenery are all brought to the attention as the music builds to make your heart race with anticipation… Then at the perfect moment, the doors to the venue open and the couple makes their grand entrance!

Act 3, Scene 2

The music shifts to create the group performance of dancing. The energy is high, smiles are stretching across the stage and relationships are previewed. Children are dancing, family members are hugging, and grandparents are full of laughter.

Act 3, Scene 3

A quick overview of the cake cutting, toasts, garter toss, and bouquet toss are shown. The lights then dim and two spotlights are put back on the stars. The first spotlight follows the bride as she meets her father on the dance floor. The second follows the groom as him and his mother share a hug. Both lights share the couple sharing a special family moment.

End of Act 3

Act 4, Scene 1

The crowd begins to line up with their sparklers, the music builds again. Sparklers create electric lighting and the bride and groom burst through the doors as they walk down the line of their guest. As they reach the end of the line the groom looks to the bride, brings her in close, dips her down creating the perfect photo moment and kisses his bride.

End of Production

There you have it, your perfect Broadway script! From here we leave the script in your hands so that you can create your Tony Award. Of course with the help of a cinematographer, you will become the star of your own wedding production. Best of luck!




5 Photography Trends for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are full of moments that can create photos that are worth a thousand words. Capturing these images may slip your mind when planning what you want your photographer to capture. Check out some photography trends to capture on your special day!

1.     Proposals

A proposal is a bittersweet moment filled with many emotions. Behind the scenes photography has become a trend in capturing those precious moments in many couple’s proposals. The images are certainly worth a million word.


2.   Father Daughter First Looks

One of the happiest days for a father is seeing his little girl get married, but one of the greatest moments is when they see their girl for the first time before the wedding. Father daughter images capture the emotions between the bride and her father right before walking down the aisle.


3.    Overhead Shots

Overhead shots have become a popular way to creatively and uniquely capture the sweet moments that the bride and groom have together on their special day.


4.    Candid Shots

Between all of the smiles, laughs, and unexpected happenings at a wedding, candid photography can make for some of the most memorable and emotion filled images on your special day.


5.   Black and White

Looking for the classic and clean look within your images? You cannot go wrong with a black and white image. You can instantly create a timeless image that looks beautiful at all times.




Image Resource:

Best Questions to Ask your DJ

What is a celebration without some music to get the guests excited and dancing? When it comes to the DJ of an event, they play a very large role in how the atmosphere feels at an event and how professional they are about their services. Before just booking anyone for your DJ services, take into consideration some of the following questions.


·Is our event date available?
This is first an foremost the most important question when speaking with a DJ. There is no reason to continue with any other questions if your date is not available.

·What type of events is their prime focus?
When it comes to your event, there is a big difference from a DJ who mainly focuses on clubs versus a wedding or formal event. It is important to take into consideration if the DJ fits the style and event you are planning for.

·How can the DJ customize their music and services to your event and guests?
It is so important that your event reflects the guests or the theme of the event. For example, if you are planning for a wedding, how can that DJ customize the music to reflect the couple and what they like? If a DJ can customize their services to the event, it is more professional as well as creates a positive atmosphere for guest to be a part of.


·How do they handle song requests?
Music is one of the main focuses for DJ’s. Some are easy going on allowing song requests and have no problem with allowing guest to request. For others, Requests may not be allowed. If you prefer to have song requests, you want to make sure that your DJ has that option.

·Does your DJ have back up equipment?
Worst case scenario: Your DJ is in the middle of your event and an amp blows. What now? One question you will want to be sure to answer is if they have back up equipment that will be at the event so the celebration can continue. With no back up equipment, you raise the worry of not having music.

·Does your DJ emcee?
Your event may require someone to emcee different parts throughout. Maybe you need announcements made, or need a microphone for a toast. You want to make sure that your DJ is comfortable with speaking. If they are not you may need to hire someone who is able to provide the equipment.


·What is included in your costs when booking with the DJ?
We are always told the price of something, but fail to follow up with what is included and then tend to be upset when we are not informed on what we are paying for. It is important to clarify this so that there are no hidden costs later on.


There are many things to consider when booking a DJ that fits your event. By following these questions you are on your way to finding your perfect DJ. Check out Spark Events for more information on DJ's and DJ packages!


Create Your Low Cost Dream Wedding

Today, the average cost for weddings in the US is $32,641 according to The Knot. But what if I told you there was a way to still have that dream wedding and be lower in cost?  Here are a few ways to get that low cost dream wedding!

Choose a Few

When it comes to your special day, there are so many things that are on our mind that is needed at the wedding such as photography, decorations, DJ, ceremony, reception, guests and so much more! The way to lower cost is to choose 2-3 items that mean the most to you that you and keep those as your higher priced items. For example, maybe you want to have photography, cinematography and the venue high on your list. Then it is time to look at the other options and find ways that you can cut back on.

Guest Lists

If it is possible, create a guest list that contains the must have people that you want at your special day. When you plan a guest list, every person is seen as a cost. If you can cut down to a lower number of guests, there is less of a cost overall.

Simple Menu Options

Receptions typically have some sort of a dinner option within them. One way to cut down on cost is to limit the number of courses you serve. Instead of a five course meal, try having a buffet style dinner for your guest. This limits the cost per guest. Another way to do this is to buy your own drinks or have a cash bar. By doing this you can spend the amount you want on drinks and then have a family member serve as a bartender. Cutting cost both in drinks and serving costs. It is a win-win situation!

Cake Cut Down

Instead of having a large elegant cake, choose a small cake for you and your spouse and provide many sheet cakes of different flavors or some sort of desert table for your guests! This allows guest to enjoy what they prefer as well as allows for you and your spouse to enjoy your own cake and cut another cost down!

Venue Costs

One big cost in wedding planning can be the venue. Some ways that cost can be cut down is by booking on less busy days such as a Friday night or a Sunday. Both of these days are lower in demand when booking and are typically cheaper to book.

There are many ways to cut down on costs and still host your dream wedding, sometimes you just have to get creative and not get caught up in the many expensive options. Below is a list of National averages that are spent on weddings to help with other areas you can cut down costs on.



Image Source:

Find Your 417 Dream Venue

When planning an event there are many aspects that play into the process. Catering, seating, guest lists, photo booths, and photography are just a few factors that are considered when creating the perfect event. Although these are all important, these things cannot happen without a venue to host them. Springfield has many venues that can be transformed into beautiful event spots to remember! Whether you have a school formal, a dinner event, or even an elegant wedding or reception, there are many options for your perfect venue in Springfield.

Savoy Ballroom

If you are looking for a venue with elegance and class, Savoy Ballroom is your place. With a rich history dating back to the 1940’s, maple hardwood floors, tin ceilings, crystal chandeliers and a beautifully landscaped courtyard, Savoy has built a reputation to host some of the most elegant and finest events in Southwest Missouri. Many other options are offered for your event such as tables and chairs, table cloths, set up and tear down of the event, access to cash bar and the use of the DJ and caterer of your choice. Along with their event amenities, Savoy hosts dance lessons. Maybe for your first dance, father daughter dances, or even just an event for your organization, there is always a lesson for you. Let Savoy Ballroom help create your elegant event!

425 Downtown

Are you into a rustic look? 425 Downtown is the perfect place for you. With the rustic brick walls and wood pillars throughout, your event can be transformed into a beautiful rustic theme. With catering, valet service, bar service, cake cutting, coat check and ceremony set-up, 425 can help create the perfect event. Weddings and receptions, business meetings, holiday parties and other special events are all able to be held. With a very well trained, communicative staff, you are sure to be pleased with booking your event through them.

Haseltine Estates

Create your fairytale event with Haseltine Estates. Behind the concrete walls, find your majestic venue constructed of limestone and antique white trim creating a beautiful estate with a rich history dating back to 1897. Haseltine Estates has perfected creating an elegant event with spacious rooms and glamorous detail. Being the only mansion wedding venue in Springfield, MO Haseltine has everything you need from a terrace to a lawn, as well as a bridal loft and groom room.

Veridian Events

If you are looking for something a little bit more unique, spacious, and flexible, check out the Veridian. This venue offers a split level gallery space that can host any occasion. Transforming this venue can be made very easy. With a very simple layout, the theme can be transformed from rustic to elegant with just the right decorations. The Veridian offers a back deck that allows guest to escape and get some air or even allows for the party to continue on. Book with The Veridian today!

The Old Glass Place

If you are interested in a versatile event venue, The Old Glass Place is for you! They are able to host corporate events, concerts, weddings, meetings, parties, entertainment, and events big and small. With two event areas, that can be transformed to your style, Old Glass Place values your wants and needs for each event. With a historic downtown vibe, it is perfect for a wide variety of events that can be transformed to your taste.

Many venues are all over the Springfield area, but one is your 417 dream venue. Check out these venues to find yours and have that beautiful place to remember for what ever event it may be! 

You're Engaged! Now What?

Getting engaged may be one of the most emotional and exciting moments in your life. Your adrenaline is pumping and you cannot help but stare at your hand and admire the beautiful band on your finger. As all of this excitement is going on there comes that moment of the even bigger question of “Now What?”. Here are a few things that you can do after getting engaged without overwhelming yourself all at once.

Tell Your Family and Friends

This moment is huge and surely you cannot wait to post about the engagement on all social media. Before you get to posting, take a moment to contact your family and close friends to share the exciting news! Not only is it so exciting to announce it to them, It will mean so much more if it is in a more personal matter than a post on Facebook.


Take a moment to take everything in! No need to rush to every little detail right away! Call this your YOU time and enjoy yourself and your partner’s new milestone.

Insure Your Ring

Although many would like to put this off, this should be one of the first things that you do after your engagement! Insuring your ring is important for future problems you may have such as loss of a stone or if it were to be lost. Most Jewelers offer insurance and can walk you through the process. Once you have your ring insured, it is one less worry to have as you continue planning and through life.

Discuss a Date

This might be the scariest part of planning a wedding because everyone expects you to have a date set as soon as you are engaged. To make things easier on you and less stressful, discuss a date with your partner that you can tell others when they ask. You don’t have to necessarily have a specific date, any general time such as a year, season, or even a general month is good to have in mind.

Create a Budget

Weddings can begin to add up when there is no set budget. Having a budget for the entire wedding as well as all of the sub categories such as venue, catering, photography and other details can help with the planning process.

Drafting a Guest List

Ever just hang around and watch some TV in the evenings? What a perfect time to start drafting a guest list! Guest list may seem daunting when looking at the entire picture, but by breaking it up into your downtime allows for time to think things out. If you think of someone you would like to add, you can add them the next time you are just hanging around. Make it as easy on yourself as possible so that you don’t have to stress!

After getting engaged remember that even though there is lots to do, look at it in little steps and breathe! This is an exciting time and you should not stress right away. By doing some of these few things, it can make things feel less stressful but also productive to your planning process. Congratulations! 

8 Wedding Reception Trends

One thing that many people look forward to when going to a wedding is the reception. This is the first time the pubic will see the bride and groom as one and it is time to celebrate! Planning the reception can allow you to get creative and get the celebration going while keeping high energy and smiles all around. Here are 8 wedding reception trends to help spice up your celebration!


1. Wedding Hashtags

What better way to announce the newly weds than to create a hashtag that allows guest to show off all the fun! Creating a unique hashtag can be fun spin to the day and allows for anyone to later look back at all the pictures that were taken at the wedding on Instagram as well as show the bride and groom how fun they had when celebrating their special day with them. 

2. Creative Wedding Guest Sign In

It is always fun to look back to see who came to celebrate your special day with you, so why not get creative and make it fun and thoughtful for your guests? Polaroid photos and a sign in book allows the guests to take a photo of themselves then tape it into a memory book and write a personal note. The sky is the limit when planning your guest book. Check out our Pintrest for more fun ideas!

3. Wedding Day Snap Chat Filters

Today snapchat is one of the most used social media apps used. Personalize your special day by creating a filter for your guest to use at your reception! This allows guest to have a memory to take with them by adding a filter to a photo. If you feel that you would like a quick and easy way to create a filter, click here for FREE customizable filters!

4. Renting Out a Food Truck

Forget the fancy food, and formal dining ware. Why not feed your guest something simple but still unique by having a food trucks for dinner! This not only will engage the guests but also can allow some freedom in choosing their own meal for the night. This trend will have your guest talking and is sure to impress!

5. Buffet Style Desert Tables

Many receptions have ditched the giant wedding cakes and have started the trend of desert tables. This allows your guest to choose if they would like desert as well as allows them the freedom to choose what they would like. By including foods such as cookies, cupcakes, candy or chocolates, a desert table leaves room for an array of options. Pintrest has many great ideas on how to make your desert table pop.

6. Father Daughter Dance

It is a tradition for the father and daughter to have their special dance at the reception. Although traditionally it is a slow dance, why not put a spin on things and have an up beat choreographed dance! This not only is a memorable moment for the bride and the father but also is memorable for the guests and keeps high energy throughout the celebration.

7. Grooms Men Dances

How about an unexpected surprise dance from the groomsmen at the reception? Recently it has become popular for the groom and his groomsmen to choreograph a dance to perform for the bride as a surprise. Talk about a fun memory to have on your wedding day!

8. Wedding Day Koozies

Everyone loves making memories and everyone loves gifts! A popular party favor for receptions has been Koozies with the wedding day and the bride and grooms name on them for their guests to take home with them.



Everyone knows that the best part of a wedding or event is all the tasty food and drinks served. Don’t get stuck in a rut and serve run-of-the-mill foods—wow your guests with the perfect appetizer and cocktail pairings! Get ready to add your own flare to your next wedding or event!

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